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The Girl Underneath The Black Pointy Hat

I just wanted to start this new blog out by telling you all a little about myself and my story. My name is Athena Silver and I have a very strange yet rewarding job. I talk to dead people for a living. That is probably not news to many of you but I had to put it out there for those who may not know. I have been able to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste Spirits for most of my life. It started out as dark, human shaped shadows that would tell me stories and show me movies in my mind's eye. It then turned to those Spirits calling my name and touching my back or arms and passing through me, which is one of the world's weirdest feelings and you never get used to it! It then progressed to seeing full faces in color, partial bodies, clothing, symbols, and pictures. I started to be able to look and interact more personally with these gentle souls who had been watching me, waiting for me to learn their language. They wanted to talk and teach me things about the other side.

I mostly kept these conversations with the Spirits to myself, growing up. I was finally confronted by my beloved great grandmother, Lola. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. She started asking me questions about how i'd been sleeping and what kind of dreams I was having. She clearly read my mind, and energy, and knew something was going on. I started to tell her about the stories the shadow people were telling and showing me. Once I started talking about it, I couldn't stop. I was surprised at how well she had received it. I was so worried that people wouldn't understand the stories or how that information came to me. It sounds kind of crazy when you say it but she didn't flinch at all. When I finally finished telling her, she smiled and opened up a drawer. She pulled out a deck of poker playing cards. The cards looked very old and well used. She started to shuffle and made three piles. She placed her hand over the plies and pulled a card from the middle pile and placed it down on the table. She said that the meaning of this card meant I was supposed to help people throughout my life. She picked a card off of the next pile and looked at it for a little while and placed it on the table. This card was about my mission and path in this life. She said that I was meant to teach and be a bringer of knowledge and things unknown. Things from a long time ago that have been forgotten. She then picked a card from the last pile. She said that this card had to do with my future. She said that I was meant to see people who where in pain and help them to find a cure and a way forward for themselves. She said that this would be a very hard task and that I would have to read a mountain of books and learn to use my gifts before it could be accomplished.

We had many more conversations after that, up until her death, and beyond. She still comes to see me in spirit form. As I am writing this, she is standing behind my left shoulder, judging and critiquing my words. She has taught me a lifetime's worth of valuable knowledge about everything seen with human eyes and not. I would never have come into this type of work without her guidance and instruction. I was very fortunate that she sat me down and read my cards that day. It changed my life and gave me direction that day. I knew my life had some interesting twists and turns coming ahead. Luckily, I have Lola watching (and judging) my life and guiding me toward my destiny. I am able to bring healing and answers to other people's lives because she saw that little spark in me and fostered it's growth. I now offer my gifts and services to the benefit of others. I am trying to keep my family's legacy alive through continuing their traditions and work.

Thank you all for reading this. I will try to post again soon.

Many blessings to you and all the wonderful people who came before you.

In Loving Memory of Lola

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