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Candle Magic For Beginners - Online Zoom Class

May 14th At 8:30pm EST

$25 Energy Exchange

** By Popular Demand **


Want to learn the basics of candle magic?


In this class, Athena will teach you the basics of candle spells and how to craft your own magic workings,

for Love, Success, and Money. 


What you will learn in this class:

- The different types of candles

- The different candle colors

- Working with the energies of the Moon

- How to craft your own magical candle spells

- And much more...


We will touch on the many spiritual traditions that work with candles, the ethics of spell work, and how to shop and gather the right supplies. This class is tailored to beginner Witches and anyone who would like to learn how to use candle magic to manifest with their own spiritual power.


This class will meet on Zoom for live instruction. A Zoom weblink to access this class, will be emailed to you the day before the class. You will also receive an email attachment containing the worksheets that accompany this class, emailed to you along with your payment confirmation. The Zoom classroom access will be closed 15 minutes after the class begins. Zoom must be fully installed before trying to access the class.


If you miss the live class, email us and we will send you a link to access a replay of the class, link is available for 48 hours only. This class is for students ages 18 and over only. 

Click the button above to send an email to us to sign up for the class.

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Or Cash App - Please include your preferred payment method in the email.

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About Athena Silver

Athena Silver is a professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Hereditary Witch, and Pagan Minister. Athena was raised in a magical family, full of Psychics, Dreamers, Witches, and Gardeners. Her first teachers were her grandmother and great grandmother. This upbringing inspired her to walk the path of the healer. Athena has spent most of her life studying many different spiritual paths, with many teachers and mentors. Athena loves to teach others how to use their magic for healing, self-development, and manifesting the life you want to live, Magically. Athena is best known for her Divination and Mediumship Readings, which bring clarity and guidance to many situations

New York State Mandated Disclaimer: All Content Is For Entertainment Purposes Only. All Purchases Are Non-Refundable. All Content And Services Are Not Meant To Replace Medical And Psychological Care By A Doctor. Please Maintain Proper Candle And Fire Safety While Using Candles. 

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