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Private Mentoring Sessions

* For Serious Students Only *


Private mentoring is meant for serious students, looking to acquire new skills and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual journey through life. Private mentoring is a commitment to self improvement and will require a commitment of months of study.


For serious students only.


Mentoring is meant for students who wish to achieve an advanced level of study and practice or for potential practitioners. 


If you are a casual student or do not have the time for this commitment, Athena will be offers single day classes and limited class series that can be taken in a shorter amount of time. 

First, a 15 minute consultation call with each prospective student must be performed, in order to assess where you are on your spiritual path/practice and what it is that you would like to learn. This call will assess if private mentoring is right for you. This will go over any previous initiations, mentorships, and anything else of that nature. 


All 15 minute consultations cost $30 


Each skill will be studied and assessed through practical tests and assignments, which will be given periodically. Once the skill has been mastered, you will be able to move onto learning a new skill and building upon your new knowledge. Each skill will come with a list of suggested books to read outside of the mentoring sessions. The books on this list are meant to expand your understanding of each practice. 

Mentoring sessions will have an energy exchange of $150 per hour session. 1-2 sessions per month are suggested for the maximum benefit.

During each session, you will have one on one access to Athena for any questions you may have or that may come up on your learning journey. 

Below I will list all of the skills that will be available for study:


-Wiccan Spiritual Path (Sabbats, Esbats, and other pagan/celtic holidays, Lunar and Solar rites, circle casting, beginner spell work, ethics for magical practice, proper incantations, talismans and charm construction, connecting with the spirits of nature, candle working, wiccan solo practice, God and Goddess veneration, setting altars in the Wiccan tradition)


-Psychic Development (developing the different psychic gifts, finding which is your strongest gift and how to use it, calling in the spirits, psychic hygiene, psychic protection, giving the spirits offerings, understanding the language of the spirits, lifestyle routines for better connection, understand and processing the messages from spirits and what to do with the information, ethics for using your psychic gifts)


-Solo Astral Journeying (Soul retrieval work, going into trance meditation and how to hold it, different forms of astral journeying, music to induce trance, how astral journeying works, the history of astral journeying, ethics for astral journeying, the theory behind journeying for other people, healing through astral journeying, journey to the akashic records, journeying to past lives, processing your journey experiences, mapping the 3 worlds, soul repair work through astral journeying, journeying to meet spirit guides and ancestors, journeying for self development) 


-Chakra Work (what are the chakras, the history and origins of this work, diagnosing chakra blocks and auric tearing, chakra alignment and balancing, Chakra toning exercises, lifestyle changes to finding balance, understanding and working in depth with each chakra, working with the chakra colors through visual processes, healing with chakra crystals, understanding your energy, Chakra work through herbalism)


-Ancestor Veneration Work (setting an altar for ancestors, calling in your ancestors, asking your ancestors for guidance, processing the messages that come through, understanding what and who your ancestors are, the global history of ancestor veneration, modern versions of ancestor veneration, various ceremonies and rituals for honoring, feast days, how to properly make offerings, understanding the stages of the dying process)


-Ancestral Healing Astral Journey Work 

 **Not For Beginners, Must Have Taken Ancestor Veneration and Astral Journey Classes First** 

(understanding the different types of ancestor spirits and their reason, global history of astral journeying for ancestral wisdom and healing, ethics of ancestral healing journey work, meet 4 ancestral spirits to guide the healing process, trance astral journey work to heal each ancestral lineage, commonly occuring traumas, different healing modalities within the journey, integrating messages from your ancestral spirit guides, healing and removing negative energies, how to work with your healed ancestor spirits, how to set an ancestor altar for spirit working for yourself) 


-Divination (learn to read Tarot, Oracle cards, shells, runes, pendulum, scrying in water, crystals, crystal balls, learn to read playing cards, read candle flames, candle wax, and candle jars, ethics of divination practice, using divination to heal, making connection to the spirits, how to clean your tools, psychic hygiene, how to connect and prepare new tools, the global history of divination, how to give a successful reading, how the spirits work through the tools)


-Magical Uses Of Herbs (global history of herbal magic and medicine, candle working with herbs, herbal charms, herbal spiritual baths, herbal candle working, using herbal oils in magical workings, making spiritual connection with the herbs, growing your own herbs and other magical tips, sourcing your magical material and what to look out for, Contraindications, plants to be careful with)


-Spiritual Cleansing (the global history of spiritual cleansing rituals, herbal sweeping, egg cleansings, reading the egg cleaning, spiritual bathing, cleaning and repairing your aura, signs that a spiritual cleaning should be performed, how to cleanse your space, cleansing with smoke, cleaning with incense and resins, cleansing your divination tools, cleansing crystals and jewelry, cleansing with essential oils, crafting floor wash and herbal baths, performing spiritual cleansings safely)


-Manifesting (the global history of manifestation, how manifesting works, attracting abundance with candles, charms and talismans for prosperity, sigils for abundance, how to open your energetic pathways for success, magical herbs for manifesting, accessing blocks to manifestation, how to use crystals for manifestation)


More topics to come



About Athena Silver


Athena Silver is a professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Hereditary Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, and Pagan Minister. Athena was raised in a magical family, full of Psychics, Dreamers, Witches, and Herbalists. Her first teachers were her grandmother and great grandmother. This upbringing inspired her to walk the path of the healer. Athena has spent most of her life studying many different spiritual paths, with many teachers and mentors. Athena loves to teach others how to use their magic for healing trauma, self development, and manifesting the life you want to live. Athena is best known for her Divination and Mediumship Readings, which bring clarity and guidance to many situations. 

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