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Feedback From Clients

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Princess Crawford     6/2019  * * * * *

      The best in the Hudson Valley. She gives good advice as well. 

Kay Mae              11/2019       * * * * *

      Had a wonderful experience with Athena. She gave me an impressively accurate and promising tarot reading and did some crystal healing and cleansing for me as well. 10/10 Prime lady.

Dana Clark              1/2020   * * * * *

      My reading with Athena was enlightening. She was extremely accurate with personality traits and situations that I was going through. She tells you the truth and doesn't sugar coat anything. Her honesty is refreshing! I will definitely read with her again.

Noreen Sherry               1/2020         * * * * *

     I had an amazing experience with Athena Silver, about 2 months ago. I found her to be very spiritual, knowledgeable, and uncannily accurate. She performed a Tarot Card reading for me and I was very impressed by her careful and thought approach. She foresaw details with amazing accuracy and warned of an unknown/ undetected medical problem, that has since been diagnosed. ATHENA SILVER IS THE REAL DEAL!

Rachel Calvelli             3/2020       * * * * *

      Athena is a truly gifted individual. Her Tarot Card reading was spot on. She helped me gain clarity and find my way back on track and also was able to pick up on a loved one's spiritual energy, that had passed. If you're looking for spiritual guidance, definitely contact her now! 

Val O'Shea                     5/2020    * * * * *

      My reading was amazing! It gave me insight and clarity into things I really wasn't that certain about. 

Margaret Horan            9/2020    * * * * *

      Excellent interpretations provided. Keen ability to decipher important concerns. Always provided ample time with readings to clarify, expand, or elaborate key points. Questions always welcomed. Wishing you much success in the future. Many blessings to you.

Robbie Morales-Santiago     1/2021     * * * * *

      Amazing... There really is not another word that describes her, just AMAZING.

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