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Instructions For Athena Silver's Handmade Spell Candles

Athena handmakes every spell candle she sells. She uses locally grown herbs, many she grows in her own garden with Love. She plants each seed with the intention that it will grow to make medicine and magic, for whomever may need it.

Each candle is blessed and dressed for your specific needs. The following tips cover the basic instructions on how to use these candles, after you buy your candle at NUTZ in Wappingers Falls, NY or order a custom formulated candle from Athena Silver directly.

To Order A Custom Formulated Spell Candle From Athena, Please Text/Call (347)871-0164.

Step 1: Write Down The Intention You Would Like To Manifest On A Piece Of Paper.

Place the paper, face up, on the table.

Step 2: Hold The Candle Close To Your Heart In Both Hands.

Take a moment to visualize your intention coming true and manifesting into your life.

The more detail, the better. 2-5 minutes is long enough.

Step 3: Set Your Candle On The Table, Above Your Piece Of Paper.

You may add crystals around the base of the candle, if you choose. Adding crystals

may increase the energy of your intention to help with the manifestation.

Step 4: Say Some Words To The Universe/Spirits, Asking For Help With The Spell Working.

Ask respectfully for divine guidance to aid in manifesting your dreams into reality.

Step 5: Light The Candle And Burn It According To Proper Candle Safety.

You may burn the candle down in one sitting or you may start and stop your candle.

If you choose to extinguish your candle, use a candle snuffer to turn the candle off.

Blowing the candle out will result in damage to the spell working and can result in

loss of herbal contents, at the top of the candle.

Once the candle is completely melted to the bottom of the glass jar, your spell has been released into the hands of the Spirits/Universe. Your candle can manifest quickly or slowly, depending on how many obstacles stand in your path. They will need to be cleared first before the manifestation can occur.

Make sure to maintain a positive outlook about your candle spell. Any doubt about the effectiveness of the spell, before it has a chance to manifest, will result in a weakening of the full power of the spell working and the spell may need to be repeated. Doubt is the kryptonite to any manifestation work or magic.

Athena offers candle jar readings, to tell how your spell working has gone. You will need a previously completed candle spell working in order to have this type of reading. More information about this service can be found on Athena's "Services" page, on this website.

We wish you great success in the manifestation of your dreams!

Please take a moment to comment and review this product. Your reviews go a long way to helping others to find the right products and services that can benefit their lives.

Much Love And Positivity

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