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What Is Curanderismo? Mesoamerican Folk Healing

What Is Curanderismo?

Curanderismo is a Mesoamerican form of traditional medicine and healing, practiced all over the Americas since ancient times.

These traditions are currently practiced, most notably in Mexico and the South West of the United States.

Many natural remedies, utilizing herbs and other plants, incense, and many other household items, are combined to heal common, everyday ailments.

Practitioners of this natural form of medicine are usually well trained in herbalism, energy medicine, witchcraft, healing through touch, i.e. massage therapy, intrusive energy removal, soul retrieval work, auric repair work etc., and ancestral forms of healing.

Many of these practitioners are divinely guided through each healing ceremony by connecting with their Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, and Ancestor Spirits, to inform them of the issue which plagues the client and how to properly administer treatments to help the client.

These healers mostly address emotional, energetic, and supernatural causes to everyday problems, which may or may not have any physical manifestations contributing to the clients experience of suffering.

These healers have great success with helping to mend emotional suffering, through working with the client on a deep, soul-level, in order to address the main cause of the client’s emotional pain.

Plants can be brewed into medicinal teas, ointments, and oils, when applied to the body or ingested, bring about noticeable changes and healing to the person.

Want to know more about Curanderismo?

Join us on February 25th and March 4th, as we welcome a very well-known and esteemed curandera, teacher, and author, Ms. Erika Buenaflor, for a very special 2- part guest episode!

The Rebel Crows will be interviewing Ms. Erika about her latest book, Sacred Energies Of The Sun And Moon: Shamanic Rites Of Curanderismo and about how she came to practice and teach this beautiful tradition.

More information about Erika Buenaflor and her spiritual services

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