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Athena Silver can be the entertainment at your next party or event.


Athena can do Gallery Group Mediumship Demonstrations (connecting with people who have passed away), Private Mini Tarot Readings, or Spiritual Channeling Sessions (Connecting to any spirits present in a place and asking them questions). Whichever style you prefer, depending on the location. 


Athena charges $200 per hour and a $100 fee for travel. 


If you would like to have Athena at your next party, please call us at 347-871-0164. 


Athena has experience reading for high powered executives, professionals, and well known people. Privacy is very important to Athena and she does not share names of clients or what is talked about in a reading. Privacy is scared. 


If you have any questions, please call us or email us at 

Tarot or Mediumship Parties

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