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Spiritual Cleansing is an ancient tradition that was practiced by many different cultures from all over the world. The cleansings practiced by Athena Silver hail from Mesoamerica, The Caribbean, and South America. Athena will use sound, herbs, flowers, oils, and sage smoke to cleanse and balance your chakra system back into harmony. 


Many different concerns and ailments can be addressed, during a spiritual cleansing. Bad luck, poor mental and physical health, nightmares, low self esteem, poverty, job loss, and many other issues.

Spiritual cleansings help to repair any chakra damage or weakness and to repair any damage that is sustained through trauma, injury, or illness on any level, Mind, Body, or Soul. It is a good idea to have a spiritual cleansing preformed before or after any surgeries, illnesses, or traumas. 


If you have any questions about spiritual cleansings, please call or email us. Our number is 347-871-0164. Call us when you are ready to schedule a spiritual cleanse. 


You will need to wear light colored clothing (No Black) for this service. 


The cleansing will take about an hour to complete. A short reading will be preformed at the beginning to assess what your needs are. Please come on a day where you will not be in a rush. Spiritual work can not be rushed if you would like good results.


***Spiritual cleansings work well in tantem with Western medical practice, be it talk therapy or medical intervention. Athena urges you to see your doctor first for any medical issues. This cleansing does not replace a doctor visit and is meant to work WITH your current health plan. 

Spiritual Cleansing (Limpia)

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